• Ethereum price has signaled the start of a downtrend after failing to sustain above the recent swing highs.
  • Instead, the sweep above the local top has triggered the start of a downtrend that could extend to $2,550, $2,360.
  • In some cases, ETH price could even dip into the buy zone that extends from $1,991 to $2,206.
  • Invalidation of the bearish setup will take place if Ether climbs above $3,050
ETH/USDT 2-hour chart
ETH/USDT 2-hour chart

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Disclaimer: This is NOT financial/investment advice.

  • Bitcoin price looks ready for a bounce to $42,000 or $43,000.
  • Claiming these levels will open BTC for more upside.
  • However, the current reversal structure looks fishy and things might change before the reversal actually kick-starts.

Bitcoin price reversal scenario was explained in detail in this post. While this scenario…

  • Bitcoin price is heading lower after the second leg of the rally created a local top at $41,341 on June 15.
  • The retracement could continue to head lower and dip into the buy zone of the second upswing — $36,037 to $37,177.
  • Expecting a strong reaction from the bulls after…

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