Bitcoin price is down in the dumps as it continues to consolidate in a tight range. Choppy markets are irritating, especially for short-term investors.

Here are a few pointers on how to alleviate your frustration and improve how you view investments.

Before we proceed any further, here are some things you need to familiarize yourself with

Bitcoin price performance and cycles

This article builds on top of the work that has already been on done Bitcoin cycles by Benjamin Cowen…

Disclaimer: This is NOT financial/investment advice.

Bitcoin price is choppy, yes, the markets have been like this for a long time. …

ETH/USDT 2-hour chart
ETH/USDT 2-hour chart

Feel free to comment any questions or requests you have.

Disclaimer: This is NOT financial/investment advice.

Dogecoin price could appreciate massively as coils inside a bullish pattern. A successful breakout could propel DOGE to pre-crash levels.

Dogecoin price hints at a massive bull rally

Dogecoin price is currently trading inside a falling wedge pattern on a 4-hour chart. This setup has a bullish bias and is formed on a downtrend. …

There are thousands of altcoins in crypto, and honestly, it's frustrating to select a few out of the lot and not regret when every altcoin except yours rallies.

Before we get into it, here’s a warning/note:

Note: None of the metrics are meant to be used as a standalone indicator. Combining these on-chain metrics with technical analysis yields the best result

There are a lot of ways to pick out altcoins, but here’s how I do it.

A not-so-overwhelming version

Create a screener to track the altcoins that you like or find interesting and track the price until you find a high probability setup and then trade it.

A detailed version

I use Santiment’s screener to add the top altcoins I like…

Bitcoin price was doing a good job sticking to the ranges formed after the May 19 crash, but the crash from June 18 to June 22 caught a lot of investors off guard (including us) as it slid below the May 19…

Bitcoin price reversal scenario was explained in detail in this post. While this scenario is still in play, this article explores a possibility where BTC might dip lower.

Currently, Bitcoin price has dipped into the demand zone, ranging from $34,592 to $35,74. The lower limit of this zone coincides with the buy zone that extends from $33,156 to $34,915.

Scenarios for a long position to $42,000+

The secondary demand zone, stretching…

Bitcoin price has progressed quite a lot since the last update.

Our idea on TradingView was taken down due to a violation of House Rules. Here’s the before and after of the idea.


BTC/USD 4-hour chart
BTC/USD 4-hour chart


Bitcoin price crashed from roughly $60,000 to $42,300, a 30% drop from May 10 to May 18. I was watching the whole thing unfold as I kept my eyes on the charts.

I was ecstatic!

Rest assured, this was not me being sadistic after a market crash, I was just happy to buy the dip, especially after the massive bull run that multiplied investments overnight.

I did what any sane person would do, I bought the dip at $42,300.

Lo and behold, the crash continued.

Bitcoin price dropped another 30% to hit $29,900. To say the least, my portfolio was…

A bearish breaker ($2,525 to $2,674) is being formed on the H4, a retest of this level could push the Ethereum price lower.

ETHPERP 4-hour chart

Before getting into the specifics of how low ETH could dip, here’s what a breaker is and why it occurs.

What is a bearish breaker?

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